Amidah Prayers for the Week and Shabbat in English & Hebrew

This section of the Blog is dedicated to the prayers to honor our father the King of the Universe. This is the format is as follows:
Click Here to Download the Siddur to follow along in English
1. Shema (english version)
2. Amidah & Viduy (confession) english version
3. Amidah (Hebrew)
4. Amidah for Shabbat in English
5. Shabbat Amidah (english)
5  Shabbat Amidah (hebrew)

These Prayers that I am doing is to teach the Kingdom to present ourselves in Awe, Fear, Respect, and learn to approach the King as the servants of YHVH.

Shema Blessings before Daily Amidah

Daily Amidah & Viduy in English

Daily Amidah in Hebrew

Shema Blessings for Shabbat in English

Amidah for Shabbat  in English

Amidah for Shabbat in Hebrew


  1. Thank you so much for taking us a little further along this very exciting journey. There is so much to learn and we are just loving every detail! After 50 years in the traditional ‘church’ YHWH has brought us out and is leading us along His Way so filled with wonder and beauty. Our family so appreciate you sharing your discoveries and revelations you have received with us. Shalom!

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