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Below are most of the materials I have in my personal study library. I have also included some of the advanced study tools Brad Scott uses in his Hebrew Study. I use many of these on a regular basis as a part of my Torah Study.

I reveal these tools to you so you can be equipped to teach as I do. We need more teachers and I pray you will take advantage of these resources. If you have any questions on a particular book or volume, let me know.

Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource
Brad Scott Resource

Downloadable PDF Materials – English….spanish below

More Resources:

Blue Letter Bible
Jewish – English Bible Online
Aramaic / English New Testament
Greek / English Septuagint LXX Online
Jewish Encyclopedia Online
Dead Sea Scrolls
Ancient Hebrew Studies
Navigating the Bible II
Babylonian Talmud
Jewish & Hebrew Tenach
Search the Chumash
Hebrew for Christians
Biblical Hebrew Online
Nehora Online
Judica Press
Behrman House
Messianic Storehouse
A Year through The Torah
Davka Software
E-Sword Free Bible Study Software
ArtScroll.com Quality Judaica
Sefarad Judaica


  1. I am also looking for the place to purchase the healing Psalms. Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Shalom,

    I was also looking for the Hebrew CDs of the Healing Psalms and the Psalms of the Temple. Are they on this site? Where could I purchase them?

    Many, many thanks for your amazing teachings!

  3. Shalom Rico,

    I am one of your newest students. Please let me know where to find the music, the temple, Hebrew etc music, singing, prayers that you mention in your teaching The Wisdom of the Psalms.

    Thank you.


  4. Bar Enosh – Son Of Man link appears to be broken.

  5. I was listening to the Threshold teaching I recently purchased and you indicated that notes were available for members to download on the website but I haven’t been able to locate them. Are there also notes for Temple Worship as I am getting ready for a several day spiritual hibernation with it and wanted anything that would help with my notes.

    Thanks! I hope you’re move went smoothly and your cruise was amazing!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the resources

  7. Thank you for sharing your resources! What a great help!? :)

  8. thank you soooooo much for posting this! This is such a blessing. Yahweh continue to watch you & keep you and bless you with even further insight & wisdom. Shalom

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